Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon is a unique blend that may not sit well with many

After a number of years, Mr Vianney Halter released a new watch called the Deep Space Tourbillon. A futuristic design with design cues from science fiction movies.

In the centre of the watch is the tourbillon – a huge piece. The hands move from the outer rim instead of a central pin.

It has a very domed crystal and when viewed from the side it look, the dome looks obvious.

For watch connoisseurs, this is a piece of marvel. However, from a practical standpoint, wearing this watch on your wrist would be difficult. First of all, it cannot go under your shirt cuffs due to the extreme domed crystal. The likelihood of the wearing banging something against the domed crystal is also very high. The wearer will also be very uncomfortable wearing something with a high centre of gravity. Unless it is wound tight on the wrist, this piece has the tendency to flop around.

If you are an attention seeker, this is a watch for you. But I don’t thing most of us are.

As a suggestion to Mr. Vianney Halter; make it into a table clock?


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