Armin Strom Racing Chronograph – F1 related? Looks slow

Armin Strom has released this special timepiece called the ‘Racing Chronograph’ to signify the relationship between them and the Marussia Virgin Racing F1 team. The watch inspired from Formula 1, has dial colors in black, white and red matching the Marussia Virgin Racing F1 Team colors. Materials used in the manufacture of the F1 race car are also used to make these watches. The case is PVD coated black in steel or titanium and 44mm wide. It has a rubber strap and the owner can have custom engraving on the bottom of the case. Armin Stroms signature on the racing chronograph. Even though they cannot use the ‘F1’ official logo but the design of the watch is indicative of its association with motor racing. Considered one of Armin Stroms entry level watches it is impeccably designed.

I would expect any design that relates to F1 would be more aggressive. This particular example does not.


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