Carl F. Bucherer Manero MoonPhase (Limited Edition) is one of the timepieces launched by Carl F. Bucherer in 2013 to celebrate its 125-year jubilee

When I was a boy, I visited Switzerland in 1979 and I was presented with a Carl F. Bucherer, mechanical winding watch by my parents. I wasn’t into watches then and I didn’t keep track of it. As far as I know, it is lost. Nevertheless, I still hope of getting another piece from brand. This could be it. Only wish it was a standard production piece and not a limited edition run.

The complications in this watch are a tribute to the company’s founder, Carl Friedrich Bucherer i.e. date, day, month and also the phase of the moon.

The indication of the day of the week has been positioned at 10 o’clock, and the current month can be seen on the right, at 2 o’clock. The special calendar is completed by the moon phase indication, which appears in a central position at 6 o’clock. The heart of this watch is the CFB 1966 caliber. With a diameter of 38 mm and a height of 10.85 mm the bicolored case made of 18-karat rose gold and stainless steel forms a framework for the silver-colored dial with its 12 markers.


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