DualTow Watch by Christophe Claret – micro engineering at its best

DualTow was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Christophe Claret. The watch features a planetary-gear, a tourbillon escapement, mono-pusher chronograph with a striking mechanism signaling start, stop and reset function; and two rolling belt indicators running simultaneously on either side of the dial displaying hours and minutes. The DualTow has a mono-pusher chronograph function that operates by means of nine similarly structured planetary gears and thereby making its overall system identical to a celestial nebula. The manually wound movement has a complex tourbillon that consists of 582 parts and 73 jewels. The minutes and hours are placed on the rubber belts are available in various color options. The belts are powered by cylinders placed on either ends.

I wonder how many parts can be added into a mechanism as big as a wristwatch? A lot of manufacturers are testing the limits. A very interesting race.


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