Bvlgari Gerald Genta Magsonic Grande Sonnerie watch – a piece of design art

Magsonic Grande Sonnerie watch is a limited edition of 10 pieces. Each piece takes around a year to make! The case of the watch is made up of titanium and the diameter is 46 mm. The watch a minute repeater. The Grande Sonnerie has two power reserves: one for the watch and the other one for the sonnerie. The watch has manually wound movement comprising of 850 parts and also has a tourbillon.

To make an automatic watch make a sound takes a lot of engineering power to design it. Compared to a digital watch, it would seem to be a waste of time and effort to make such a watch when using just IC chips, you can make a digital watch make amazing sounds. That argument is valid if you are looking at it from a point of view of a tool but from a point of view of a piece of engineering art, this watch reigns supreme.

a sou


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