Short hands-on review on the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea model 116660

This Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea model 116660 is currently the most expensive watch I have in my collection. Bought as a present to myself in 2011 on my 16th wedding anniversary.

The finishing, technology incorporated and the material used in the construction of this watch is first class. No issue there. However, when it comes to practicality, this watch does have some issue.

My original specifications when I chose the watch were the following: a Rolex, high technology, sports/professional edition and minus the cyclops eye (still can’t appreciate this design of Rolex). Then (in 2011), Rolex has stopped manufacturing the Submariner No-Date version. So I picked the Deepsea. Although slightly more expensive than my original budget, I was very pleased with the purchase.

However, I realised that the Deepsea is not a watch for all occasions. The problem lies with its height. At 18 mm, the height of the case does not allow it to easily slip under shirt cuffs. Wearing this watch with a formal attire such a tuxedo will be difficult.

A standard Rolex Submariner is a better bet if you want it to be used in all occasions.


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