A display piece; Montblanc Régulateur Nautique Navigational clock

In my previous posting, I highlighted the
Montblanc Régulateur Nautique (see: https://watchcollectionhobby.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/lovely-looking-dial-of-the-montblanc-regulateur-nautique/). However, that watch comes in a set with the Montblanc Régulateur Nautique Navigational clock, which was built to be suited for use on a private yacht. Ninety-three centimetres high, 56 centimetres in diameter and weighing 120 kilogrammes, with a base of granite, and a frame of brass, aluminium and carbon fibre. The clock remains exactly horizontal at all times by means of the gimbals, which retain it motionless even when the ship is heeling at up to 27 degrees. Angle of heel is ingeniously marked by means of a scale below the chronometer.

The clock at the centre is crafted in steel, brass and ruby, while there is a smaller gimbals built into one of the supports, so that the watch can be stored there when its owner isn’t wearing it.

This is an excellent piece to have in the corner of your study!!


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