Is the Orient Star Standard Date a worthy opponent to the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra?

I read a proposition put forth by a Orient-centric blogger that the Orient Star Standard Date is a worthy alternative to the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. The blogger put up a comparison chart which I reproduced below. My question is; “Is it a fair comparison to make?”.

The argument focused on “value-for-money”. Without a doubt, the Orient wins hands-down but there are reasons for it. In fact, the chart itself shows why.

I personally believe, when someone wants an Omega and then compared it to another brand, that person that does not know what he or she wants. If you want an Omega or a Orient or any other brands, stick to it. Just compare the various models within the target brand. Cross brand comparison should only make sense if the objective of the buyer is to see which brand carries the best disposal value or brand-recognition. Cross brand comparison also makes sense if the buyer has a specification that he needs to be fulfilled such as, for example, a diver with 1000 m diving depth with a specific price range etc.


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